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Great start to Counties 2020

We had a cracking start to Counties with Ben Newell claiming a silver in the Senior 1500m Freestyle and Maddie Pike landing a podium place with bronze in the Junior girls 1500m Freestyle.

The younger relay teams also had great swims and gained great experience racing against teams with older swimmers in them.

Fantastic swimming all round - good luck next week in the 800s and more relays.

— 13 Jan 2020, 12:00

Counties 2020 Success Continues

We had more success at Counties this weekend with both Maddie Pike and Ben Newell claiming silver in the 800m Freestyle in the Senior Boys and Junior Girls races.

The girls relay teams also had great swims and, just like the boys last week, gained great experience racing against teams with older swimmers in them.

Good luck to everyone swimming in the main weekends

— 20 Jan 2020, 10:00

Counties 2020 - More great swimming at the Main Champs #1

The first main weekend of Counties produced more terrific swimming from our County Qualifiers with Lilia Gilbert coming 2nd three times in 50 & 200 Back and 100 Free, Adrien Storck-Wihlidal getting 5th in the 50 Breast and Ben Newell back on the Senior podium with bronze in the 200 Fly and a finalist in the 100 Back.

Good luck to everyone swimming next weekend

— 10 Feb 2020, 10:00

Counties 2020 - Main Champs #2 - A terrific way to finish

Well done to everyone who took part in the final weekend of Counties! We had more success with Maddie back on the podium taking Junior Championship bronze in the 200 Fly as well as coming joint 2nd in her age group for 100 Fly and 5th in 50 Breast.

Other age group finalists and medal winners were:

  • Lilia 2nd in 50 Free and 3rd in 100 Back
  • Oscar 7th in 50 Back
  • Zack 6th in 100 Free and 8th in 50 Back
  • Matthew 6th in 50 Back
  • Ben 5th in 50 Back and 7th in 200 Back
  • Adrien 6th in 100 Breast
  • Demetri 7th in 50 Fly

...and the boys 4x 50m freestyle relay team of Ben N, Coach Danny, Ben T and Alfie coming 8th in an exciting conclusion to the proceedings.

Fantastic swimming from everyone - and we're very proud of our 9th place overall from a Club with the 3rd fewest swimmers.

Looking forward to the Long Course season now and building towards Regionals.

— 20 Feb 2020, 12:10

Bracknell Masters Gala: Well done Masters - 4th in Top Visiting Club competition


Bracknell 497

  1. Wycombe Dist 485
  2. Teddington 442
  3. Reading 246
  4. Didcot & Bar 181
  5. Kings Corm 173
  6. Farnham 154
  7. Co Oxford 129
  8. Elmbridge 115
  9. Rushmoor Ryl 107
  10. Otter 101.5

Our Masters swimmers had a fantastic afternoon at the Bracknell & Wokingham Masters Gala last weekend. It's one of the few galas we enter and the whole squad did really well earning lots of medals and racking up more points than some pretty sizable clubs.

Congratulations to everyone who took part!

— 11 Mar 2020, 17:55