Brilliant Results At BBAT!

Post date: Jan 23, 2012 8:54:33 PM

On Sunday 23rd September swimmers from Didcot Barramundi travelled to the Aylesbury Aqua Vale Swimming pool to win back our title of the BBAT shield holder. BBAT is a swimming gala between the four clubs; Borne End Swimming Club, Aylesbury and District Swimming Club, Thame Swimming Club and Our club Didcot Barramundi Swim Club.

BBAT is a good gala for getting personal bests (PB’s) and for trying new events. Our swimmers did amazing well at the gala, they were well behaved and there was the most amazing club moral. Sadly we didn't win back the title we held for two years of BBAT shield holder, you win this by the adding up of the whole club’s scores, but on behalf of Our Club I would like to congratulate Thame swimming Club for winning this title. Even though we didn’t win back the Shield we did win the Cannon Relay Cup for the third time. A cannon relay is when you have eight of both male and female swimmers doing one length each in age order. Winning this cup is a great achievement and shows just how good Barramundi is at working as a team. Almost every one of our swimmers won a medal and below I will list all the medal winners. Well done to everyone who won a medal and an extra big Well Done to those younger children who won their first medals at this gala.

All in all this is an extremely good gala to compete in and we hope to have double the people next year so we can win back both the Shield and The Cannon Relay Club. In all I concluded well done Didcot Barramundi Swim Club.

Gold Medal Winners

Freddie Wilkinson, Ollie Beard, Ollie Ripley, Danny Amphlett, Bethan Newland-Smith, Ben Newell, Andrew Southam, Izzy Langley, Bailey Powell, Aoife Kelly, Mac Crook, C Beeton, Dom Ward, Luc Bouet, M jarvis, Abby Jones, Ruby Way, Alfie Baum, Benji Beard, Ollie Mew, Michael Fabes and Alec Purvis.

Silver Medal Winners

Luc Bouet, G Wilkins, Toby Mew, Alec Purvis, Michael Fabes, I Newell, Lucy Walker, Ben Newell, T Folkmen, Andrew Southam, C Beeton, Izzy Langley, Adele Page, T Taylor, Abby Jones, Mac Crook, Dom Ward, Ollie Mew, Bethan Newland-Smith, Danny Amphlett, Mattew Purvis, Benji Beard and Ruby Way

Bronze Medal Winners

Dom Ward, Benji Beard, C Beeton, Alec Purvis, E Nuttal, Ollie Mew, Matthew Purvis, Andrew Southam, A Dodd, James Kelly, Tom Taylor, Bailry Powell, Aoife Kelly, Lucy Walker, T Folkmen, Jamie Goldstone and Bethan Hickton-Collins.

Speeding Ticket Winners

Ollie Beard, Ollie Ripley, Poppy Concannon, Alfie Baum, Dom Ward, Danny Amphlett, Abby Jones, Freddie Wilkinson, Luc Bouet and Andrew Southman.