Age Group Regionals - Update

Post date: May 22, 2014 9:03:25 AM

We are please to confirm that all our swimmers who entered for Regionals were accepted.There is an updated programme of events with confirmed session times now published on the information site.

Also please note the following message from the organisers:

There were some issues raised by the pool management following the Youth Championships. We expect a similar number of swimmers for the Age Groups, so we must respond. To avoid overcrowding on poolside

(1) No large bags will be allowed on poolside. Swimmers may only bring a small bag containing what is needed on poolside. Large bags must be left in lockers.

(2) Swimmers may not bring folding chairs onto poolside. Coaches may bring a chair, but no more than 1 per club.

(3) 14 year olds are requested to leave poolside when the team events are finished. All team events are at the start of the session.

The main car park is intended for use by people who are only staying for a short time. Centre staff will be directing people who arrive early to the overflow car park. This is still close to the pool.