3rd in Arena League Round 1

Post date: Oct 12, 2014 11:45:32 PM

A very exciting if slightly frustrating evening (including getting to the venue!). In the end we came 3rd behind the virtual Walker Tigers and 1 point behind Chalfont. We were ahead of Chalfont early on, had a wobble in the middle of the gala, and then just missed catching them at the end after some truly epic relay races. The noise during the final Men’s 6x50 freestyle relay nearly took the roof off the swimming pool. Well done to everyone who competed, I hope that you enjoyed yourselves! You certainly did the club proud.

Final points were:

My thanks to everyone who helped out: Mark, Claire and Liz for officiating, Debi and Nick for team managing poolside (herding cats and other panics), and for Annette and her helpers for the split times.

For info, we had 2 DQs: a false start on a 100 Breast stroke race, and alternating legs on a 50 fly race. Special apologies to Jack Mason, we couldn’t hear the tannoy clearly and thought the announcer meant his race. So no you didn’t do a false start.

I’ve got a piece of lost property: a speckled light grey hooded H&M top with blue edgings. Please can you let me know if it’s yours and I can re-unite you with it. It is possible it came from Eastleigh, who I think were next to us. Anyway please let me know.

The next round is on 8th November. We’ll probably end up facing the odd number finishers from our gala and the even numbered finishers from the other gala. Which would mean we keep the Tigers but miss Wycombe B and Chalfont. This and the venue should be published in the next week or so. Please can you give me your availability for the next gala, as I think that 1 or 2 can’t make it, so that I can find replacements ?

Full results are attached, plus a set of split times.

Thanks for all your support.