Pool Emergency Procedure

Pool Emergency Procedure

Pool Evacuation:

In an event that the evacuation alarm is sounded, all staff and swimmers must vacate the pool with immediate effect and proceed to the nearest fire exit.

The coaches/teachers must ensure that the pool and changing rooms are cleared immediately of all personnel.

The register of all attendees must be checked in the designated meeting area.

No Staff or swimmers must go back inside the building until authorised to do so by the pool management.


In the event of an accident in the pool to a member of the club staff or athlete, the pool must be cleared immediately.

The coach/teacher will follow the emergency procedure and ensure that the person is attended to in the correct manner.

The parents of any injured child must be contacted at the earliest opportunity.

No swimmers must be allowed back in the water until adequate supervision, along with trained lifeguards are able to supervise all swimmers.

An accident report must be recorded in the accident book, and a full ‘on-the-spot’ investigation carried out and recorded. This is important as the incident is fresh in the minds of those present.

The Club Secretary and Welfare Officer must be informed within 24 hours.

The insurers must be informed for incidents which may involve a claim.