Key Contacts

Head Coach: Pete Downham

Please contact any of the Committee members using the email links below:

Committee Members Club Contacts

 Chair: Nick Baum
Fixtures Calendar: Claire Newell
Vice Chair
 Dave Bracher
Gala Coordination Level 1&2: VACANCY
 Katharine Langley
Gala Coordination Level 3&4: Leah Day
 Leah Day
Membership Officer: Amanda Kennedy
Committee Member: Steve Gilbert
Sales & Development: Debi Ripley
Committee Member: Ilana Clark
 Open Water: Amanda Kennedy
 Committee Member: Claire Newell
Press Officers: Penny and Steve Gilbert
Committee Member: Lisa Johnson
 Welfare Officers: Sharon Ford and Tricia Hickton-Collins

Other Contacts

Gala Administration:

Pool Location

Didcot Wave