BAGCATS stands for British Age Group CATegorieS and is a way of measuring and comparing the performances of younger swimmers across a range of age groups and events.  It's aimed at boys aged 9-14 years and girls aged 9-13 years.

Points are awarded for times achieved in individual events based on their relative performance compared to the top 10 best ever times.

It is intended to encourage younger swimmers to compete in a wide variety of events and not specialise too early.

Events are grouped together and the highest points total for each group is used to determine the final score.  The event groups measure the following disciplines:

  • Sprint (fastest 50m of any stroke)
  • Form (fastest 200m breaststroke, butterfly or backstroke)
  • 100m (fastest of any stroke)
  • Distance (200m or more of any stroke)
  • Individual Medley