BBAT 2013

On Saturday 21st to Sunday 22nd of September, Didcot Barramundi swimmers travelled to the Aylesbury Aqua Vale Swimming pool to compete in BBAT’s 2013. BBAT’s is an annual competition between the four clubs; Bourne End Swimming Club, Aylesbury and District Swimming Club, Thame Swimming Club and Our club Didcot Barramundi Swimming Club.

BBAT’s is unlike other galas; this is because for every event the top eight swimmers in each age group receive points, then throughout the weekend these points are added up to create a club score. The club with the most points overall, then wins the BBAT shield and is the Champions until the next year. Last year Barramundi came second to Thame Swimming Club losing the title we had proudly held for two years. But this year we were determined to win back this title.

All our swimmers swam their fastest in every event with personal bests all around and our efforts paid off, as by the end of Saturday Barramundi has a narrow lead over Thame with Aylesbury and Bourne End just behind. By the end of Sunday we had held the lead and everybody was overjoyed to have Didcot Barramundi announced as BBAT champions 2013. This is an amazing title for our club and every swimmer should be proud as without their contribution the shield wouldn’t be ours.

But Barramundi’s success didn’t stop at the shield, as not only are the club scores added up but individual scores are created. The girl and boy with the highest amount of points are awarded Best Boy and Best Girl. The scores for Top Boy and Girl were forever changing while the gala advanced but after the last event on Sunday the final scores were announced. I am very excited and very proud to report that Barramundi swimmer Edward Burrowes won Top Boy with Freddie Wilkinson 2nd and Oliver Beard 3rd and Isabelle Langley won Top Girl with Poppy Concannon taking 3rd. On behalf of the club a very special well done to these five swimmers who are amazing representatives of the club.

And more congratulations are still in order as every year after the last event the Cannon Relay takes place. A cannon relay is when you have eight male and female swimmers swim one length in age order. The winning club receives the Cannon Relay Cup. Barramundi are extremely competitive about this race as we have held the Cannon Relay title since the first BBAT gala. So it comes with little shock to say our ‘loud’ and ‘enthusiastic’ club won this race for the fourth consecutive year. The Cannon Relay shows the stunning teamwork skills of our club and how the bond between the younger and older swimmers is as strong as ever.

Finally I would like to thank all the other clubs and officials who made BBAT such a wonderful gala for everyone. And I would like to say how our club’s moral grows every gala. Never have I been so proud of the Club than I am now but I’m always sure as the next gala looms closer that Didcot Barramundi will surpass all my expectations. Well Done Didcot and Good Luck for the next gala.

Bethan Newland-Smith.