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Arena League - Round 3 Results

posted 17 Dec 2013, 02:22 by Didcot Barramundi   [ updated 17 Dec 2013, 02:25 ]

Please find the results for Round 3 published on the Arena League section of our website here. 

Gala result on the night was:

Portsmouth B 302 
Guildford C 297 
Chalfont Otters 240 
Alton 239 
Didcot Barramundi 223 
Windsor B 190 
Basingstoke B 173 
West Wight 119

With Didcot finishing 5th.  I believe that this means we will have finished 4th equal with Alton in the final League table, but we will have scored more gala points than them. Confirmation to come. A fantastic result for a small club up against some giants. 

A huge thank you to everyone who has helped in our first year of participating in the league: officials, team managers, swimmers, parents and Iryna . I hope that you agree that the standard of swimming, team spirit, and atmosphere have been great.

I’ll send through a few more bits and bobs as they come through, e.g. some splits where I have them. Apart from that, that’s it, until the first round of the 2014/5 league next October. We will (I believe)say goodbye to Portsmouth B, Guildford C and Chalfont, and probably welcome Fareham, Hart and Farnham who are much closer to our level.

Next year’s dates for your diaries are: Saturdays… 11th Oct 2014, 8th November 2014, and 13th December 2014. Please try and keep the December date open as that will be next year’s promotion gala!

On that optimistic note I wish you a happy and hopefully more peaceful  Christmas and New Year.