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AGM & New Committee

posted 7 Jun 2015, 15:40 by Didcot Barramundi   [ updated 7 Jun 2015, 15:44 ]
At the AGM held on Sunday, 7th June 2015, as expected and previously communicated, the Executive Committee stepped down from their posts after many successful years' of tireless effort and enthusiasm running our club.
Geraldine Kelly stepped down from the role of Chair, Jo Wilkinson from the role of Secretary and Carol Ireson from the role of Treasurer - and the whole club thanks them all very much for everything they have done to develop and run the club.

As a result, a new Executive Committee was duly formed as follows:
  • Chair:  Nick Baum
  • Secretary: Katharine Langley
  • Treasurer:  Leah Day
We created and filled a new non-executive position to help share the workload and ensure continuity:
  • Vice Chair:  Dave Bracher
And this in turn created two new positions on the non-executive committee, that were filled by:
  • Annette Smith
  • Katie Simms
This is an exciting time for the club, as we start a new era of development and growth, and I'm sure you'll join me in wishing every success to the new committee for the continued prosperity of all our swimmers!

Best wishes,
Nick Baum.